Reverend Chris Moses -

Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Please contact me at (520) 465-9430 or email me at

 My Service Fees

My fees range from between $150.00 and 350.00.

The pricing depends on the location as well as details such as a rehearsal requirement and other factors. 

What you should know before contacting me. I do not do short notice weddings.

Your Story

Part of my job as your wedding celebrant is to help the both of you tell your story!  Each ceremony is unique. We will arrange a time to sit down together and discuss the details of your ceremony.  After the initial meeting, I will return to me office and begin building the ceremony outline. After that, we will be in contact via phone, email or additional meetings until the ceremony is just what you were hoping for.

I encourage creativity and originality! 

Most of the wedding ceremonies I am asked to do are non-religious.  The meaning and beauty we can use to create your ceremony is endless.  I have used poetry and even favorite movie lines and song lyrics within the ceremonies.